About Us

Everything you need to know about our company

Our Mission

Is to be the first choice for any shipping requirement all around the world for unequalled world-class services with a clear focus on safety and efficiency not only on the cost but also on resources and time.

Our Vision

To be globally relevant and to give world-class Ship Management Services. To provide a single operational window to connect with ports all around the world with an end-to-end complete range of services.

Our Values

The Indo Shark Lines guiding principle are something beyond words and definitions; they are the center of our every day business. For every one of us, the test isn't be just having confidence in our qualities but instead really acting with regards to our qualities.


Our Qualities

we work with business & provide solution to client with their business problem



Execution is our consistent pledge to long haul supportable improvement and money related achievement. Basically, "We try to outflank rivalry."



Trustworthiness is the compass which drives our conduct and frame of mind towards one another and our clients. For us this would be reflected by "We stay faithful to our obligations and carry on honestly."

Polished skill


Polished skill is the manner by which we make an incentive for our clients through our answers and by envisioning their business needs. In short "We know our business" – and make an incentive for our clients.

Value-Added Service


Value-Added Service Our team is always ready to go the extra mile and provide any form of assistance to all personnel and connect with you at a personal level.

services offering 01

Ship Management services

We work with a varied range of suppliers and service providers around the world to provide a complete range of expert ship management services with global standards.

services offering 02

Crew Management services

Our multi-national professionals provide the needed expertise to manage a fleet of any size. Our adaptable approach, full commitment to service and quality management is our strength

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Project Management services

Equipped with a well-trained team of best professionals with technical and engineering background we provide a solution to some of the world’s most complex and large scale projects.

services offering 04

Corporate Management Services

In this competitive landscape only an insightful business analysis has helped us to stay afloat. In today’s fiery business environment which often seek diversification with the expectation to have in-depth knowledge over niche domain. We deliver it all seamlessly well to claim it as our cutting-edge services over other global players.