Crew Management Services

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Crew Management

The relevant flow of information, support and training are provided to the staff and crew members.

Familiarized with the regulatory information

The ship, shore-based safety and security training are given based on the company and the vessel

Constantly trained to nurture maritime skills

Crew Training

Chartering is a core activity of any commercial management process

We secure the best of employment available to optimise earning

Ensure the positioning of tonnage to make the best use of the constantly changing market conditions

Develop business by building and strengthening relations and secure contract employment for the growing fleet.

Maritime Catering

Home away from Home

Cooking staff prepared for dietary prerequisites of team identity locally available

Exclusive expectations of wellbeing and cleanliness

Overall agreements with providers to guarantee a persistent inventory of good quality arrangements

Travel & Logistics

We have a dedicated in-house Travel Desk which caters to the flight requirements of all our employees at sea & ashore.

We achieved travel courses of action for team individuals across all mainlands

Having the option to control the booking and coordinations measure beginning to end permits us to pick bother free courses for our staff while controlling the expenses for the proprietors through exceptional game plans