Crew Management Services

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At PT INDOSHARK LINE'S we remain several steps ahead of our competitors. Our Team has valuable knowledge and experience in dealing and liaising with government agencies and across the globe. We believe that a carefully planned and professionally executed recruitment can effectively improve the productivity the profitability of the shipowners. It also creates a healthier atmosphere onboard to result in better work performance. Our Crew Management team gives Crew Training for optimal performance, Maritime Catering for a healthy living and Travel and Logistics for total seamless global mobilisation.

Crew Management Services

Indo Shark Shipping Lines is one of the best Crew Management services in the industry. We provide efficient crew members to cater to the specific requirement of our clients. We have a vast pool of relevant Manpower of competent and skilled seafarers; of all ranks for manning different types of the vessel at competitive wages ready to take the challenges and are confident to operate the Vessels with zero downtime. Despite the fact, the fleet of Merchant's Vessel keeps on increasing in size and the global supply of suitable seafarers, on the other hand, is shrinking. Our administrative process interweaved with Information Technological tools has dramatically improved the selection process and labour quality.

We are a Fully Licenced company under ISM, ISO9001, ISO14000 Standard, STCW, SEEMP, MLC 2006, SISM. We provide expert Crew Management Services for Tankers-Chemical / Gas / Oil, MPP-Container Carriers, and Specialised OSV's. All under the valuable guidance of very senior mentors; who are involved in manning solutions for decades.

Crew Training

Indoshark Lines trains every newly inducted crew member to familiarise themselves with the ship so that they could understand their responsibility to perfectly deliver their duty. We at Indoshark make sure that the new team members have an optimal performance right from the beginning they come on board. Encourage the crew members to upgrade their skills for better efficiency. Since seafarers play a vital role in operating the fleet, we insist on their development. We give utmost importance to empowering seafarers with in-depth domain knowledge in addition to mandatory training. Crew training programs that are very specific to a particular client's domain and are also a part of the teaching imparted. At Indoshark, seafarers have access to many types of stimulators to upskill themselves.

Of course, every crew member has to take up the STCW training as it establishes the safe operations of ships. This regulatory framework is acceptable to the extent the port states could verify the seafarers' competency when visiting the port.

Maritime Catering

At Indoshark Lines, we make conscious decisions to comply with international standards while handling food and drinking water. We have well trained, qualified and experienced maritime caterers who understand all the standard compliance, even the nuances of balancing the dietary need of the crew's ethnic and national affinity. The food is prepared to provide a healthy and varied menu. We take into consideration religious and cultural preferences too. We ensure that our Maritime Caterers work with the highest level of dedication.

We carry out regular inspections by the competent authority to warrant; enough stock of provision for a consistent supply of food and drinking water. They also see that the supplies are stored properly, and the kitchen counters are always kept neat and clean.

Our maritime caterers also budget and compile reports. In addition, they make sourcing arrangements and negotiate with suppliers worldwide to procure the needed stock of good quality provision before launching from the port. Thus, we assure each member of the appropriate amount of food with nutritious value.

Travel & Logistics

Crew transportation is an integral part of crew management. Rapid crew transportation is most important as the crew need to be rested and taken care of; to get back to the next stretch of work. Indoshark Lines is well networked with travel and logistics partners. Taking good care of the crew has only helped us to take care of our clients better. Of course, the requirement comes up at short notice; due to parameters like last-minute changes, cancellation, unprecedented weather, calamity and so on.

But we always have ensured that we have travel logistics in place to move our clients, shipping crew and our offshore personnel quickly and effectively anywhere in the world within a short period by air, by sea, by land or by the combination of all the three.

We also coordinate for a worldwide visa, work permit administration, Travel and accommodation arrangement, 24- hour emergency advice and support for seamless global mobility.