Project Management Services

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Here at Indoshark Lines, we put into action well experienced and highly professional team of ship operators, marine architectures, production engineers, electrical engineers, and senior officers to take care of project management. The diversity of the team with focused domain knowledge only helps us further keep up with the project quality and timely delivery. This also ensures that all the aspects of the Project like New Build & Construction Support, Vessel upgrades, Project Manpower support, and Survey & Audits are scrupulously handled with safety and environmental regulations in place. We encourage regular project supervision to assure quality and to adhere to project deadlines.

New Build & Construction Support

Here at Indoshark lines, we put into action well experienced and highly professional team to support the new building, repairs and construction projects to meet the needs of the shipping industries. We take care of engagement towards project management to reach the professional goals of protecting and improvising the client's assets.

Our Team has made a mark in the industry for 'On-time delivery' as we continually strive and keep up with the schedule and other commercial commitments. We have always stretched our limits to see that the vessel built has longer operative life. Strategic decisions are made at every point to see that the vessel efficiencies are not compromised. We use the best quality material to deliver the optimum standard for the clients building to achieve the best price for the clients asserts in the second-hand market. Our professional approach heightens the benefit between the parties to derive the best use out of the project.

This collective input ensures the plans are structurally sound and entirely in compliance. Our experienced professional team always ensure peace of mind to the Shipowner through the myriad complexities of a shipbuilding project.

Vessel Upgrades

Upgrading breathes new life into the vessel. We give solutions to maintain the assets at all stages to extend the operational capabilities for higher performance with eco-friendly attributes. We do all major overhauling, including refitting of third party equipment. We have the global expertise to rejuvenate the ship and adhere it to the latest safety norms.

We also refurbish the entire ship if the ship has to be assigned a different purpose. Our Project management team tailor-make the solution and prepare the vessel for the requirement of the new chart. We always complete the project by giving due importance to the performance expectation without compromising on the reliability of the vessel's operations, with the due trust given to the asset's functionality to deliver maximum value throughout the life cycle.

Our vessel up-gradation service has excellent precedence of completing many projects. We take care of the project, right from the proposal, planning, financing, procurement, installation, execution and commission of the project. Our approaches are feasible and adaptable to every client's needs.

Project Manpower support

The Objective is to have safe and reliable vessel operations to comply with all applicable regulations. We are a leading provider of manpower services to the oil & gas industry. We aim to provide cost-effective manpower support and solutions on a globally competitive level for both upstream and downstream projects. We collaborate in deploying the right people and information to complete the mission. So that all the data are under control for you to focus on matters that concern you most. We cater to the supply of Manpower for operational needs of-Oil exploration vessels, Construction work vessels at high seas, Drilling vessels, Excavation vessels, Special purpose vessels, Subsea facilities, Onshore facilities, Petroleum development facilities etc.,

We tailor our manpower management programs to meet your specific needs. We put people to work for you anywhere, anytime, even in non-oil and gas sectors at different skill sets and management levels. Our innovative staffing solutions help companies of all sizes to reduce costs, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.

Surveys & Audits

Our highly experienced and professionally qualified surveyors/ adjusters can assure clients of prompt, efficient services in the best professional manner in keen areas of expertise activities such as Pre-purchase Survey, P & I entry survey, Full condition survey, Onboard Maintenance surveys, ISM/ISPS/ML and Navigation Audit and ETC for our international clients, Class Annual survey, FSC Serve, Pre-loading, Loading and discharging Survey on to heavy-lift cargoes/ project cargos/steel cargos, Loss control and risk prevention survey, Marin warrant survey, Container Devanning Survey, Cargo Damage Survey, Cargo Measurement Survey, ROB Surveys (Bunker Detective Surveys),Bunker Quantity Surveys (QBS), Investigations into Bunker Disputes, On/Off Hire Surveys (Delivery/ Redelivery), Draft Survey, Total and large Losses investigation, Machinery and equipment's damage survey, Collision Investigations, Investigations into Cargo Shortages, Urine sampling, Urine testing for crew members onboard oceangoing vessel, Freshwater sampling and testing for oceangoing vessel, LSFO, LSMGO sampling and testing for oceangoing vessel. Most international companies like to appoint us as their local correspondent for our knowledge, experience and technical strength.