Ship & Corporate Services

We have extensive knowledge in this domain, and we provide an array of corporate services for trading, import, export for all sizes of the shipping company. Our service includes:
i) Supply of all grades of bunker fuel to vessel,
ii) Assist ship owner and project developers with all kinds for documentation to avail disbursement of loan from the banking partners,
iii) Complete range of ship chartering solutions from Time charter to COA business for tankers on all major routes and
iv) we assist in the purchase of the new ship, preowned ship and facilitate to sell and buy the pre-owned ship.


We supply all grades of bunker fuel to vessels. There are a lot of components to marine bunkering services. First, the bunkers are surveyed and supervised before utilising them for ship bunkering. We do an exhaustive survey to determine if the bunker complies with all the preliminary prerequisites like fitting and installing pipes to pass the fuel. Also, we thoroughly check for any modification requirement; if needed, we address them initially to avoid later complications.
We regularly monitor the bunkers and have obtained all the necessary certifications, for instance, OMIL/MID - Organisation of Legal Metrology/Measurement Instrument Directive. Even after getting the required certification, we keep on verifying the equipment thoroughly before starting the services.
We follow the protocol of not wasting a single drop of fuel into the ocean to save the ecosystem and minimising wastage. We also make sure the bunkers are in the best of condition and the input fuel is at optimum use to reduce exhaust and other harmful substances into the oceanic atmosphere.

Bank Partnering

The shipping market is very volatile. The loans disbursed by banks many times don't sync with the initially calculated value. As a trusted service provided, we offer custom solutions for enforcement situations ranging from assistance in a vessel take over to temporary vessel warehousing and much more. We offer you complete financial vessel accounting services and data compliance with Poseidon principles since Banks recognises their role in the shipping industry and are conscious of promoting responsible environmental stewardship throughout the global maritime value chain.
We assist in ship financing for tankers, gas carriers, Bulkers and container ships. Our offshore assistance extends from Rigs and Platforms, Offshore support vessels, Anchor handlers, Platform support vessels, floating processing and storage barges.
We offer the same financial aid for Harbour Tugs, Dredgers, Barges, Service and support vessels and floating cranes. We also extend our assistance to project financing as well. Whatever the financial dealings may be, we assist with incomplete documentation. We guide our clients through the elaborate process of the project detailing to the Banking partners. Wading any bottlenecks and help them to capitalise on the opportunities by giving directions for loan approval.

Ship Chartering

At PT Indo Shark Lines, we offer a complete range of ship chartering solutions from Time charter to COA business for tankers on all major routes to meet your requirements. We address the needs of Shipping Chemicals and Dry Cargos. We organise state and Private owned oil majors to deliver safe and efficient transportation of crude oil from the oil rig to the consumer, including clean petroleum products. We charter cargos as well that requires specialised Tankers, containers, liners and heavy lifts.
We share our customer's knowledge-based services to make a guided decision to minimise capital investments and achieve sustainable business growth. Our flexible approach means we can find you a vessel that meets not just your current situation but your future needs too. Our core services cater to a wide range of tankers for hire. We have at our disposal a fleet of a vessel of various capacities to provide the most suitable solutions. In addition, we address the need to charter Dry Cargo and the requirements of Containers/Liners/Heavy Lift.

Ship sale and purchase

PT Indo Shark Lines has a long track record in the ship Sale and Purchase market. We have an extensive list of contacts throughout the shipping industry built up by our dedicated team and have a proven record of sales and purchases of the new ship and pre-owned ship. In the case of pre-owned ships first, we familiarise ourselves with each client's individual Ship needs. Then we invite Shipowners, ship managers, and purchasers of new and second-hand vessels to come over to our stand to share the information required on the sale of the ships.
Our specialised departments take full mindful of the needs of the Shipowner who wants to sell their vessel. They answer all the queries of the potential buyer and seller and give consultations as well. It will be direct assistance for the resale of the ship. We provide the best quality ship to the vessel buyers, up to the standards required by them, in the shortest time frame at the most competitive prices. Our Team keep the buyers and sellers updated on the market changes regularly.