Ship Management Services

We are one of the world-class Ship Management companies. Our Ship Management Team is the backbone of our operational success. The skilled hands committed to quality deliver the best of experience to any vessel that seeks our solution. All our functions are comprehensive and are tailor-made to suit the specific need of the customers to have their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our services encamp Technical and Operations Management, Compliance, Procurement and Dry Dock & Repair. Our operational centre in every location across the globe stands for quality and safety standards with utmost professionalism.

Technical & Operations Management

We have experienced marine professionals on board with decades of experience to manage the smooth running of the vessel. The safety norms we follow conforms to the standard of the statutory requirement of the country. Our documentation structures are system driven for accuracy to ensure transparency in reporting to the ship owners consistently. The highly experienced and qualified personnel’s onboard and the offshore professionals collaborate to keep up with the principal policy. We maintain every vessel per the agreed guideline, including repairs, dry docking, spares and fulfilling the client's need, including the oil companies. We have the Technical Ship Management system in place to take up both planned and unplanned maintenance.
At PT Indo Shark Lines, we monitor the day to day operations of the vessels, including preparation of the ship as per the duration of the voyage's requirement. In addition, we meticulously monitor and record the vessel's data so that it could keep running without any hitches.

Beyond Complicance

The technical management team of PT Indo Shark Lines, with the backing from the Safety and Insurance team, consistently monitors the vessel's performance both onboard and offshore. We streamline the safety and security management system consistently for the client's operational needs. In addition, we implement and review to ensure compliance with required international standards. The regulatory information is continuously updated, and we train the ship crew and the shore staff to comply with the set standards.
We understand the basic principle and remain consistent in conforming with all security and certificate principles. In addition, the Management reviews and regular internal audits are done on board and offshore to maintain consistency in the company’s safety and security management system so that the system is effective for the needed situation.
A well trained Shore Based Emergency Team, which includes the personnel's from the Senior Management Team, Technical Team and Safety & Insurance Team, are always in place to handle any situation with required assistance for the company's vessel.

Drydocking & Repairs

Drydocking of a vessel for repair is usually an expensive project for any shipowner. These projects typically take significant time and cost. At PT Indo Shark Lines, we provide the best management services as we thoroughly understand the nuances of dry docking in ship maintenance.
The ship operators don’t have the ample resources to manage the dry docking and repair independently. At such time we provide the needed management and technical support for all the activities for dry docking. With the understanding of details and accuracy, our Technical Team helps ship owners to reduce risks and save on costs with their comprehensive planning. In addition, we go a step forward to suggest ship owners an alternate supply change option if necessary.
Our senior professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in dry-docking. Therefore, we can manage the project from planning to completion within the stipulated period frame and budget. Also, we provide you with detailed documentation of both pre dock status and post dock status as standard procedure to ensure the quality of the work.


We have a well-equipped procurement department backed with software to support purchases. Adapting to technology allows us to save cost, enhance quality, reduce sourcing time and reduce transaction processing time and also helps us to work more efficiently within a stipulated period.
Purchases made for a vessel usually go up to millions of USD while aggregating the cost of acquisition of spares, provisions, services, lubricants etc. The software we use help us to manage quotations and optimise the supplier selection, which significantly impacts the ship's profitability.
Our Ship Management and procurement support improvise the entire procurement process. We keep track of past procurement to evaluate and establish the cost of the current purchases. Managing the supplier's contacts, contracts and suppliers performance assessments is also a significant role of our Procurement Team. Complete stock control maintenance for inventory management, including the value of both the items in stock and the history of additions and deletions. Monitoring consumption and managing redeliveries for items returned is also a significant role of the procurement department.